All you need to know about PregnancyVue

PregnancyVue is our first VR (Virtual Reality) app that has been developed to support the delivery of our Child, Health and Social Care qualifications. PregnancyVue offers an immersive learning experience which allows the user to experience the stages of pregnancy from inside the womb.

Designed in consultation with learners, tutors and subject specialists, the VR app offers schools and colleges an opportunity to reimagine how they can engage with learners and improve knowledge retention. 

The app has been developed so that it is accessible across devices from mobile to the latest Oculus headset.  PregnancyVue includes a quiz mode so that learners can test themselves and identify gaps in their knowledge too.  The app will be available to download from Apple, Google and Occulus app stores from Spring 2018.

Why we created PregnancyVue

PregnancyVue is part of our ongoing work to ensure our qualifications are of a high quality and that they are being delivered at gold standard. We identified that our learners needed more support in this subject area and wanted to provide a unique, effective and engaging solution. EdTEch is growing rapidly, and as a leader in our field, it is our responsibility to make sure we are investing in the best technologies out there to improve standards and support our learners.

What our learners and tutors think

PregnancyVue brings our qualifications to life in a completely new way and has the potential to transform how our learners understand and apply their knowledge. We’re always exploring how we can offer learners and tutors the best possible experience of our qualifications. Learners who have trailed the app are not only excited by the app, but they understand and respond to the topic unlike ever before.

From workshops, interviews and trial lessons we worked with our CACHE centres and learners to ensure the app is fit for purpose and works effectively in the classroom. We captured their thoughts and feedback every step along the way and are proud to deliver a functional app that equally excites and supports learners and tutors alike.

How PregnancyVue works

PregnancyVue is a completely immersive experience taking users through the full 9 months of pregnancy from within the womb.  The optional audio explains the human biology of pregnancy from conception through to gestation and delivery. Users can also switch between the womb and mother’s view at each stage of pregnancy. An in-built quiz and jargon buster has been integrated into the app to ensure learners can fill the gaps in their knowledge and practice what they have learnt.

PregnancyVue is accessible from the Oculuss app store which you can download to your headset like any other VR app. PregnancyVue includes an optional tutorial to help users understand how to navigate and operate the app so that it can be used independently outside of the classroom.