Level 2 Award in Employment and Personal Learning Skills in Health

What does the qualification cover?

This qualification covers the employment rights and responsibilities and personal learning and thinking skills needed to support learners with successful careers in the healthcare sector. It contains units which include teamwork, managing own workload and problem solving.

Alongside Functional Skills, this qualification forms part of the Health Apprenticeship frameworks for Healthcare Support Services and Clinical Healthcare Support at Level 2 and Dental Nursing at Level 3.

Who is it suitable for?

It is anticipated that learners taking this qualification will do so as part of one of the Healthcare Support Services or Clinical Healthcare Support Apprenticeship frameworks.

What are the entry requirements?

You should be at least 16 years old. We do not set any other entry requirements but colleges or training providers may have their own guidelines.

How many credits are required to complete it?

The Award requires 7 credits.

How is it assessed?

It will be assessed by your tutor or assessor using a portfolio of evidence, practical demonstrations and assignments.

Do you need to be working to take the qualification?

Yes, learners will need to be working, volunteering or on practical placement as they will need to show competence in both knowledge and skill.

How long does it take to complete?

This qualification can usually be completed in six months.

What related qualifications can you progress to?

It is expected that learners taking the Award will be doing so as part of a Health Apprenticeship. This will enable learners to progress to a variety of job roles, such as:

• Healthcare Support Staff (eg Administrators, Cleaners and Gardeners)
• Clinical Healthcare Staff (eg Phlebotomists, Maternity Support Workers and Lab Assistants).

Funding for our qualifications

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