Supporting Teaching and Learning

Qualifications that enable you to support teaching and learning

The traditional role of a Teaching Assistant has become increasingly varied, and today there are many different positions and jobs available in all kinds of education settings. Which means that supporting learning, whether it’s in schools, colleges, universities, or the communit, is no longer just about working in the classroom.

That’s why we offer qualifications from Level 1 to Level 4 that have been created by sector specialists to accurately reflect the needs of those who support teaching and learning.

Our Level 1 qualifications

These are knowledge-only and serve as an introduction to the sector.

Our Levels 2 and 3 qualifications

These incorporate knowledge and skills and are designed for people who are already working in a position that supports learning in schools, colleges or the community.

Government reforms to the apprenticeship system have led to the development of the Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship Standard. We therefore offer the Level 3 Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning qualification which fully maps to the knowledge, skills and behaviour requirements the Standard demands.

Learn more about Mapping to the Level 3 Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship Standard

Our Level 4 qualification

This offers continuing professional development (CPD) for practitioners working in the school and college workforce.

Learn more about our new suite of Supporting Teaching and Learning qualifications

The job roles our qualifications cover

CACHE teaching and learning support qualifications can lead to employment or advancement in the following roles.

  • Teaching Assistant
  • Learning Support Assistant
  • Special Educational Needs Assistant
  • Cover Supervisor
  • Midday Supervisor
  • Technical Support Staff
  • Administration Workers in Schools


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