Apprenticeships are work-based learning programmes which allow learners to gain a nationally recognised qualification whilst developing new skills in the workplace. They are available to learners aged 16 and above who are not in full time education, and are available at Intermediate , Advanced and Higher levels. Following Government reforms, Apprenticeships are now designed by employers to meet the needs of their sectors, and are vital in ensuring young people and adults continue to develop the knowledge and skills required to build a dynamic and skilled workforce.

Why choose one of our Apprenticeships?

We are continually investing in high quality qualifications for the care and education industry, making us the UK’s leading sector specialist. Developed by experts, our qualifications help millions of learners raise professional standards across the sector, and as a result we’ve gained a deserved reputation for excellence and leadership. Learners undertaking one of our Apprenticeships will gain qualifications synonymous with quality, whilst developing skills in the workplace that will benefit the learner and improve the employer’s organisational productivity, innovation and competitiveness.

What Apprenticeships are available?

Our providers can register learners on the following Intermediate (Level 2) or Advanced (Level 3) Apprenticeships:

  • Children and Young People’s Workforce (Early Years Educator and Children’s Social Care pathway)
  • Health and Social Care
  • Health
  • Dental Nursing
  • Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools
  • Playwork

We also offer a Higher Apprenticeship in Care Leadership and Management at Level 5, which allows learners aged 19 and above to develop their managerial and leadership capacity and capability in Adult Social Care settings through an Apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship Support

Our providers have access to dedicated Apprenticeship specialists who support you every step of the way, from registration through to certification, and who can answer any queries you may have. Apprenticeship funding information is regularly updated in the Funding Newsletter . To aid holistic delivery, we also provide easy and customisable mapping documents for our Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships*, allowing you to track the progress of learners’ achievement and to collect the evidence required to apply for their Apprenticeship certificates. These documents map the Employment Responsibilities and Rights, Employment Awareness, PLTS and Transferrable Skills to the mandatory units of the Apprenticeship qualifications.

*mapping to the Early Years Educator pathway of the Advanced Apprenticeship for the Children and Young People’s Workforce is not available at this time.

Framework Requirements

As the entry and mandatory qualification requirements for Apprenticeships vary depending on the Apprenticeship undertaken, we strongly advise you to consult the relevant framework document before commencing delivery to ensure that all requirements of the framework are met. Full details of these requirements, including entry requirements and details of accepted Transferrable Skills equivalencies can be found by downloading the relevant framework document from the Apprenticeship Frameworks Online website.

Funding Availability

Funding Rates for Apprenticeships can be found on the Frameworks tab of the Learning Aim Search (LAS) facility on the Hub website. 

Apprenticeship Certification

Once a learner has successfully completed their Apprenticeship, Learning providers or employers can apply for their Apprenticeship certificates by providing evidence that the learner has met all requirements of the Apprenticeship (including qualification certificates) using the ACE Online website. As a reminder, we issue certificates for the individual components (i.e. qualifications) of an Apprenticeship but the overall Apprenticeship certificate is only available through ACE online. 


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