Changes to our portfolio

Date: 31 August 2017

As we have previously communicated, we are repositioning some of our qualifications to either the NCFE or CACHE brand. We are making these updates to ensure that the NCFE and CACHE portfolios are focused and streamlined, whilst still offering the same breadth of choice.

We first communicated to you about our portfolio updates in March and they will come in to effect from tomorrow (1st September 2017).  

From this point, the NCFE portfolio will include all qualifications and standalone unit programmes in the Preparation for Work; Foundations for Learning and Life; Sport, Leisure and Recreation; and Teaching and Lecturing sectors.

All qualifications and standalone unit programmes in Child Development and Well-being; Health and Social Care; and Direct Learning Support (Supporting Teaching and Learning (STL)) sectors will be part of the CACHE portfolio.

In preparation for these changes there are a number of actions that your Centre needs to complete.

Quality Assurance

From 1st September, when any new learners are registered you will be allocated a new NCFE External Quality Assurer (EQA) for any qualifications being transitioned to the NCFE portfolio.

Your new NCFE EQA will review exactly the same things as your current CACHE EQA but, instead of carrying out one visit covering all CACHE provision, they will complete qualification-specific external quality assurance visits.

Any learners registered on the CACHE branded version of a qualification (using the current CACHE qualification reference number) before it is transitioned on 1st September, will continue to be supported by your current CACHE EQA.

What you need to do

Change logos

If your Centre uses the NCFE or CACHE logo on materials or to promote any of the qualifications that are being repositioned, please remember to use the correct logo from 1st September.



Review and complete our actions checklist

As we have previously communicated, in preparation for these changes your Centre also needs to ensure the following 3 key actions have been completed before 1st September:

Please make sure you review our actions check list and complete the actions below:

  • Check affected qualifications
  • Manage your learner registrations
  • Claim certificates for your learners

View our checklist to find out more about these actions.

Visit our support page for more information on these changes to our portfolio.