Surge in demand for Health and Social Care qualifications

One of the UK’s largest distance learning providers, Open Study College, revealed figures last week which highlighted health and social care as one of the most popular subjects for adult home learners. Out of almost 600 qualifications, our Level 2 Certificate in Health and Social Care (QRN: 601/8854/6) places in the top three most subscribed qualifications every month. Another particularly popular qualification is our Level 3 Award in Supporting Individuals with Learning Disabilities (QRN: 600/4037/3).

The most significant driver for learners to study these health and social care qualifications is the desire for career change. Many of the learners are single parents with demanding childcare situations, women on maternity leave and both part-time and full-time workers wanting to continue earning while studying.

This news comes amid a growing need for health and social care professionals with the UK already facing a shortfall of at least 90,000 adult social care staff. This gap is expected to grow immensely each year, due to the aging population.

Samantha Rutter, CEO of Open Study College, said: “Health and social care have always been vital to society, but they are becoming increasingly important due to a number of different factors, in particular the UK’s aging population.

“Against this backdrop, it’s a really positive development that many people looking for career development or change are preparing themselves to take advantage of the UK’s growing demand for these skills. This could start to provide a much-needed boost to the adult social care skills gap.”

Earlier this year, the Department of Health and Social care launched the Every Day is Different campaign, a national recruitment drive to promote roles in adult social care. It is positive to see a surge in demand for health and social care qualifications and we hope that this will help aid recruitment in the sector.

CACHE supports the recruitment drive by the Department of Health and Social Care and hopes that along with this, retention in the sector will also be focused on. Working in this sector and making a difference is incredibly rewarding but can also be demanding, presenting a fair share of challenges along the way. It is extremely important for staff working in care homes, no matter what their level, to embrace CPD opportunities and strive to acquire new skills to meet these challenges.

Julie Hyde, CACHE Director commented: “There is a wealth of information and knowledge that can be learned within the sector, and training is a fantastic way for both employers and employees to keep ahead of the game and provide the very best care possible. At CACHE, our goal is to enhance the knowledge and skill-set of our learners, ensuring that they are able to upskill, improving their knowledge and remaining engaged with learning and development opportunities within the sector.

“It can be difficult to encourage and implement CPD opportunities when the sector is facing an increased amount of pressure, but it will pay off in the long run. CPD is the secret to many successful careers, as well as job satisfaction within the health and social care sector, and it is vital that care providers invest in their staff – the future of the sector depends on it.”

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