Supporting Mental Health Awareness Week – raising awareness, encouraging conversations and showing a little kindness

Once again, CACHE is getting involved in this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week, an annual campaign hosted by the Mental Health Foundation. This year’s campaign takes place 18th-24th May and will focus on the theme of kindness.

The importance of this week has been amplified by the current COVID 19 pandemic, which has forced the country to make huge adjustments to their normal routines and see very little of friends and family, both of which can have a huge impact on our mental wellbeing.

We’re supporting practitioners with a free guide to creating a mentally healthy learning environment and encouraging everyone to #ShowKindness on our social channels to win a care package for someone who has shown them kindness.

Did you know? estimate that approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year, and in England 1 in 6 report experiencing a common mental health problem each week. These figures highlight the need for true understanding and awareness around mental health.

Recent research from shows that 75% of all education staff have faced physical or mental health issues in the last two years, citing workload and work-life balance as the top reasons. As a result, 53% have considered leaving the profession. That’s a staggering figure and emphasises a real need to protect and retain those working in education to ensure our education system, and those within it, can continue to thrive.

However, it’s not just those working in education that need support. Statistics from the Mental Health Foundation show that mental health problems affect 1 in 10 children and young people, and worryingly, 70% of those who experience the problems have not had appropriate interventions.

With these figures in mind, it’s worth noting that although the overall numbers of those suffering from a mental illness hasn’t changed significantly in recent years, statistics show that the way people are coping with mental illness is getting worse, so it’s imperative we raise awareness and open up conversations to remove the stigma around mental illness to encourage understanding. In doing so we can improve the lives of millions of people.

Supporting mental health in education

As the UK’s leading sector specialists in health qualifications, CACHE supports the initiative to make mental health a priority, for both learners and those working in education. We aim to highlight the growing need for adequate mental health knowledge and support for teachers, so that they can lead with confidence and nurture positive mental health and wellbeing in children and young people.

Mental health in teachers – our series of blogs: Tips for Teachers – Managing Your Own Mental Health from Stephen Mordue, focus on how you can maintain good mental health; the foundation to being able to support learners with their mental health.

Supporting you with learners’ mental health – As we know, early intervention is vital when it comes to mental health; problems will only get worse if they’re not identified and addressed. Having the skills to spot the signs of poor mental health early enough can make all the difference. Read our guest blog from Andi Smart, a Mental Health Practitioner and Teacher, which focuses on talking about mental health in the classroom, or our focusing on mental health to improve learner outcomes and retention blog.

We’re encouraging everyone to #ShowKindness

The theme of this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is ‘kindness’ so we’re encouraging our colleagues and followers on social media to share their stories of acts of kindness that have lifted their spirits during lock down. Join in the conversation using the hashtag #ShowKindness. Get involved and hear our stories by following us on TwitterLinkedin or Facebook.

You can also nominate someone who has shown you kindness to receive a care package from CACHE. Send a 50 word nomination to [email protected].

CACHE – a sector specialist in health qualifications

CACHE has worked in collaboration with health experts including the NHS and mental health charity, Mind, to develop a range of high quality qualifications designed to help educators and individuals support mental well-being and learn how to identify warning signs for mental ill-health. As well as raising awareness and understanding of issues, CACHE qualifications dispel some of the myths and misconceptions frequently linked to mental health.

We’re also launching our new Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education (RSHE) qualifications in September 2020, following these being made compulsory in all schools.

In addition, CACHE also offers free access to a continued professional development (CPD) service, CACHE Alumni. This service provides articles on mental health and well-being written by sector experts, along with advice on how to promote positive well-being.

Get involved using #ShowKindness