Pod-CACHE goes live – the new podcast from CACHE Alumni

CACHE Alumni, the fastest growing membership website for the care and education sectors, has launched an exciting new podcast. Pod-CACHE is designed to help busy practitioners keep up to date with best practice, wellbeing and legislation and to discover new ideas from across the whole care sector.

For the last few months the CACHE Alumni team have been working on the podcast series, interviewing interesting and knowledgeable practitioners from across the care sector and we’re pleased to announce that Pod-CACHE has now been approved by iTunes and is live in the Podcast app and iTunes store.

Pod-CACHE Episode 1, with Richie Ellison from TKO Boxing and Learning Centre, has been uploaded to Podbean and is now available to download in most podcast apps.

“We will publish a new episode every fortnight and then as we build our audience we will be a little more regular,” said Dawn Mulvaney, CACHE Alumni Editor.

In the next few weeks we will be adding episodes from Candi Vajana – International Nanny of the Year 2017, who has carved a successful career as a nanny working with high income families in Silicon Valley; Anne Rodgers, an Early Years consultant with lots of experience as a nursery manager; Stephen Mordue – Senior Social Work Lecturer at Sunderland University; and Learning Disabilities Nurse, Christopher Turner who is in his third year of study.

“We have got more interviews lined up and lots of ideas for episodes, but we are always open to new suggestions,” said Dawn. “If you have a story to share, or you have something interesting that you’d like to talk about from your own experiences, we would love to hear about it.”

Please subscribe to the podcast for updates. You can also help us out with a rating or review in the iTunes or Podcast app which also helps other users to find us. To submit your ideas for future episodes, send an email to [email protected].

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