Newly qualified tutor supports learners to achieve 100% attendance during lockdown

Sharon Chatyoka, a Health and Social Care lecturer at Berkshire College of Agriculture (BCA), was nominated in our 2020 Aspiration Awards for the dedication and impact she demonstrates through her teaching.

Newly qualified and in her first year of teaching, Sharon is a tutor and a course leader for Level 2 students at the College.

Sharon has already made her mark

Vivien Gordon, Head of Professional Studies at the College, said: “This has been Sharon’s first year of teaching and she has met all challenges with enthusiasm, diligence and capability. Even when days have been tough, Sharon has smiled through the challenge and turned the situation around.”

Reflecting on her award nomination, Sharon said: “I feel overwhelmed and honoured that I was nominated for this award by my team. I really love my job here at BCA.”

Nurturing learners through the pandemic

During lockdown, Sharon still managed to sustain exceptional teaching and maintained 100% attendance in her classes.

She accomplished this whilst working from home with young children, one of whom has additional needs, and also supporting elderly parents who were shielding. 

It’s evident that Sharon has a passion for teaching, her place of work and her learners. Vivien explained: “During the year, she’s taught a number of learners with additional needs and has instilled in them the belief that they can achieve. It is through her patience and guidance that these students successfully completed their course. Sharon has dedicated as much of her time as is possible to her students.”

Reflecting on her first year in teaching

Sharon has proven herself to be truly inspirational within her team and to her students.

Sharon reflected: “It is such a joy to see all my students at the end of the year walk out with 100% achievement, even after a very challenging year. This year, we had 100% attendance remotely for all my students."

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