Join us at the FED National Education Summit

On 1 – 4 March, the Foundation for Education Development (FED), supported by NCFE, is holding a virtual National Education Summit to explore how a long-term plan for education is needed for our country – with over 100 high profile speakers across 4 days and more than 32 hours of thought leadership discussions. Join an international cast of educators, business leaders and politicians to look at education over a series of insightful events which will highlight key issues for the future of education from both a national and international perspective.

The FED National Education Summit has grown to become the largest education summit ever held in this country. It’s focussed on the development of our education system through a long-term lens, coming at a time when we begin to look past the immediate impact of the pandemic for a plan to unlock potential over the next decade.

The recent announcement from the Prime Minister, highlighting the need for a long-term plan for education to benefit our children, young people and career learners, confirms the growing commitment of government to this concept, and this summit is a significant moment for our education system in that journey.

There will be key themes each day including:

  • Monday 1 March: Building forward together – How can we move beyond our immediate challenges to create a long-term successful future for our children and life-long learners?
  • Tuesday 2 March: Building place-based education for long-term renewal – How can long-term place-based strategies strengthen our communities?
  • Wednesday 3 March: Building a shared culture in our education system – How do we ensure equity and trust become a catalyst for long-term success?
  • Thursday 4 March: Building long term success into our education system – How can we ensure education becomes the catalyst for social and economic renewal?

We are excited to support the FED as a one of their core partners at this summit and hope to see as many of you there as possible. You will also get to hear from NCFE CEO David Gallagher, who will be speaking at two of the sessions:

  • on Monday 1 March, just after the Secretary of State has spoken, on a panel discussion entitled - A common approach? What should be the key priorities for future thinking?
  • on Tuesday 2 March- What does the FE white paper really say?

Find out more about the key speakers and register now. 

Read more about the work of the FED.