Change to NCFE CACHE Technical Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care (601/8435/8)

As part of our continuous improvement and ongoing review of qualification content and assessments, we have made some changes to one of the units within this qualification and the way it is assessed.

We have improved the way the content is written for the following unit:

 -       HSC DM3.1 Anatomy and Physiology for Health and Social Care.

We have listened to feedback from our centres and we want to make it absolutely clear which topics will be externally assessed. With this in mind, we have written a definitive list of mandatory teaching content in collaboration with teachers and subject experts, which is now part of the unit and will be subject to external assessment.

The mandatory teaching content builds on and exemplifies the content outlined in the learning outcomes and you can see this in the qualification specification (p. 69 onwards), in the supporting tutor guidance and in the learner handbook. You can download the supporting documents by logging into the members’ area of the website.

A similar unit features in the legacy version of this qualification; NCFE CACHE Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care (601/6110/3).

In order to ensure rigour and comparability, the delivery guidance cited in Tutor Guidance document for this qualification has been updated to reflect these improvements, although as the unit is internally assessed the unit content itself has not been amended. You can download this document by logging into the members’ area of the website.

As part of our continuous improvement processes we evaluate our external assessments after each sitting. This year we have identified a number of improvements to make to the short answer examination for HSC DM3.1 (T/508/1565). The total marks and weightings of the assessment objectives are not changing, but we are making improvements to the structure and layout of the paper. For assessments from January 2019 onwards, we are including more short answer questions, ranging from 1–6 marks, and will have one 12–mark, two 9–mark and four 6–mark extended response questions. You can download the sample assessment materials from the qualification page by logging into the members’ area.

If you are delivering this qualification in the 18-19 session you must familiarise yourself with these mandatory changes.

We have produced a webinar to support you through these changes.

If you have any questions please contact Emma Patterson in the Product Development Team: [email protected]