Build your own bespoke development plans for teaching staff

SCL Education Group subscribed to use HOW2s one year ago. SCL is a large independent training provider which offers a wide-range of engaging, forward-thinking and successful programmes. SCL has around 100 trainers who deliver ‘off the top’ on behalf of training providers across the UK.

Becky Vallely, Quality Improvement Manager at SCL Education Group, told us about her experiences of using HOW2: “My main responsibility is to upskill and engage teaching staff in our organisation and since SCL is a national training provider it has been a challenge to support and develop teaching across the business without falling into the trap of a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The use of HOW2 enables bespoke support and development at the touch of a button and therefore offers maximal impact without spending hours on the road travelling to different venues.

“HOW2s are used frequently within SCL. Firstly, we utilise a themed approach whereby teaching staff are encouraged to try a new strategy each month based on themes arising from observations and identified development areas. In order to fully support this process, teaching staff have ‘protected time’ during meetings where they can explore HOW2 and immerse themselves fully into the evidence-based platform. We believe in the benefit of HOW2 and therefore want it to be a valuable process for our teaching staff. The use of evidence-based strategies enhances the ‘buy in’ from staff and reduces their time in researching new strategies to try within the classroom.

“Within one term of implementing HOW2, 100% of our staff were following a bespoke plan, compared to 44% of staff in the entire previous academic year.”

Becky continued: “The online platform is easy to use, and as most things, the best way to learn is to spend some time navigating your way through different sections. There are helpful videos and instructions if you lose your way. We have found that our staff have adjusted quickly to the new platform. Furthermore, the platform allows for peer to peer coaching which is incredibly valuable and empowering. The benefits for learners has been a greater variance in teaching styles within lessons, which seemingly has increased engagement.

“We would definitely recommend HOW2 to other organisations. If used correctly, the HOW2 platform provides many different strategies to enhance teaching practice whilst providing visibility for leaders to monitor progress. The use of evidence-based strategies is effective, as teachers tend to automatically have a buy-in.

“HOW2 is a great development tool to support practice. The focus on teaching strategies rather than content ensures HOW2 is accessible for all within the classroom.”

Lauren Osborne, Teacher at SCL, commented: “I have found HOW2 to be extremely helpful in my remote environment. There is an extensive range of strategies and ideas to improve learning and teaching in the classroom. These are all are laid out so simply which makes them easy to read and understand. HOW2 has been an excellent investment and a very valued platform for our teaching, learning and classroom environments.”

To find out more about HOW2 and how it can help your organisation, please visit the website.

Help your learners overcome barriers to progress by using HOW2s. This handy document from HOW2 provides QR codes and shortened URLs to access a range of HOW2 solutions.