A day in the life of a Teaching Assistant

To celebrate National Teaching Assistants Day, we were delighted to be joined by Roslyn Hudson, who shared with us updates from her day in the classroom.

“I’ve been a Teaching Assistant for over 18 years now and I’m currently supporting children aged 5-6 in Year 1 at a primary school in the North East. My favourite part of the role is working with inspiring children and helping them advance and develop, the flexibility and holidays have also been a great benefit for me throughout the years while raising my three children.

Here’s an overview of my typical day at work…

I start my working day at 8:15 where I prepare for the busy day ahead, I print and prepare any resources needed and make sure the classroom is set up for the activities planned. As the children get settled in at 8:45, I make sure they’re happy and relaxed for an exciting day of learning.

The morning literacy lesson starts at 9am and my role during all lessons is to support different groups – it’s important to remember to challenge students who are exceeding, as well as supporting children who may struggle. I often take groups out of the class to do an exciting activity in the learning zone.

We enjoy a school assembly at 10am which is a great chance to celebrate the success of children for key achievements and listen to the children sing their favourite songs. After the assembly it’s time for yard duty - one of my favourite times of the day as I get to see pupils of all ages and hear all their interesting stories.

After lunch we complete a maths lesson before starting an exciting arts and crafts session. It’s great to see the children’s creative side and use their work to display in the classroom which brightens up the room. At 2pm we settle down to do some guided reading. I work with a group to read as a team, before ending the day at 3pm with me reading a story to the entire class.

By 3:30pm the children have all left for the day and I use this time to update the classroom displays and catch up with the Teacher to prepare for tomorrow’s activities!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my day as a TA. My advice for anyone considering a career as a TA is to consider the age range they would like to work with as the support needed can vary a lot!”

We want to hear from more Teaching Assistants who love their jobs! Get in touch via social media @cacheorg and let us know your favourite part of the day #dayinthelife.