Request for Replacement Certificates

A replacement certificate is an exact duplicate of the original certificate and is only applicable for a qualification or unit where a certificate has previously been issued. Please note the word ‘Replacement’ will be reflected on the certificate.

If requesting replacements for more than one qualification or unit, a separate application form should be completed.

Learner details

(Marriage certificate, Deed Poll, other) Only upload if name has changed since certification.

Details of qualification

Contact details of the replacement certificate requester

Additional documents (required if you are a learner requesting a replacement certificate)

Address to where the replacement certificate should be sent

Payment details

*Following receipt of your form, we will send you an email asking you to contact us to make payment. Please have your card details to hand when you call

CACHE Alumni

Payment of the fee for a replacement certificate includes FREE membership to the CACHE Alumni website for 12 months (usually £25, please see for more information)

Please note the following terms and conditions before placing your request

The cost of the replacement certificate is £35.00.

The replacement certificate will state the name of the learner at the time the qualification or unit was achieved. It remains the responsibility of the employer to check that the individual named on the certificate is the person to whom the certificate relates.

Following receipt of a fully completed form and payment, requests for Replacement Certificates will be completed within 10 working days.