Post Certification Services

The following services are available once a learner has achieved one of our qualification and/or units.

Replacement Certificates

We offer a replacement certificate service to both learners and Centres where the original issued certificate has been misplaced or damaged.

A Replacement certificate is an exact duplicate of your original certificate with ‘Replacement Certificate’ reflected on it. The fee is £35.

The fee for these services is £35.

Please complete the Replacement Certificate Form and return to us with the required supporting information.  Where a Transcript was issued as part of your original certificate, a copy will also be included with your replacement certificate.

Request for replacement of Certificate Form

Statement of Achievement

Where a full qualification has been achieved, the Statement of Achievement will display the Qualification Title, Certificate Number and Date the Certificate was issued, along with a list of units that the learner completed in achieving the qualification.

Where a learner achieved unit certification, the Statement of Achievement will display the Unit(s) Achieved, Grade(s), Certificate Number(s) and Date(s) the Unit Certificates were issued.

Partial Statement of Achievement 

A partial statement of achievement is available where unit(s) grade(s) have been reported to us by your study centre and unit certification hasn’t been claimed before the qualification has ended for certification. The statement will display the Unit Code, Unit Title, Grade and Date Achieved.
The fee for these services is £35.

Request for Statement of Achievement Form

Overview Books

Overview books are available for some qualifications and are useful reference documents to show interested parties what has been studied during a qualification. (a list of applicable qualifications is available on the Overview Books Order form). Overview books are only available to learners who have achieved one of our qualifications.
Please fully complete the Overview Books Order Form and return to us with the applicable fee.

Overview books Order Form.pdf​

If you have any questions please call the Customer Services team on 0345 347 2123 or email [email protected].​