Top tips for coping with exam pressure

It’s normal to feel nervous about an exam. You’re not alone.

Here are 12 top tips to help yourself feel more relaxed and focused.

  1. Organise your revision – A clear daily schedule will help to calm your nerves down
  2. Look over past exam questions and answer some in exam conditions
  3. Listen to music while you are revising – Lyrics might be distracting, but instrumental music can help you focus. Film soundtracks and classical collections are good places to start.
  4. Make revision manageable by breaking each hour down into 40 minutes of revision followed by 20 minutes to take a break, go for a walk, eat something healthy.
  5. Put a sweet or a treat in random pages in your revision book – a reward for sticking with it.
  6. Make time away from your studies - Watch a film, grab a coffee, relax in a warm bubble bath or read something for fun.
  7. Allow your mind to relax - Try our short videos on mindfulness and Thought Field Therapy for instant relief from exam pressure.
  8. Talk to your family and friends - Seeing your friends will help you unwind and share any problems. But avoid comparing your abilities to theirs.
  9. Get some exercise - Go for a walk, a run, play your regular sports or get up and dance. Exercise is a good stress reducer.
  10. Eat well and keep hydrated – Keep your energy up with healthy snacks, meals and drinks.
  11. Get enough sleep – A properly rested brain will help you focus.
  12. Keep things in perspective – Five years from now your exams will be distant memories. Whatever your results, you’ll still be alright.

Remember, your best is good enough.