How GoCalm works

How GoCalm helps learners cope with exam pressure through guided anxiety relief, brain training and games.

GoCalm helps learners manage exam stress and reduce anxiety by combining an app that develops their ability to be calm and focused, with wearable tech to track brain activity.

GoCalm works like a fitness tracker for your brain. It won’t automatically improve focus or calm nerves, but it will help learners understand how to become calm and focused and access that state of mind when approaching potentially stressful situations.

Guided anxiety relief Train your brain Play with your mind
Follow videos on mindfulness and TFT to find focus and calm. Choose to train for focus, calm or both with a series of sessions designed to help you develop your mindset. Fun games that show how being focused and relaxed helps you perform better.

To be able to see and track brain activity while using GoCalm, users need to buy and wear an EEG headset that uses sensors to detect electronic signals from the brain.