Wales and Northern Ireland

The funding mechanisms for Wales and Northern Ireland differ to the funding system in England. The Education and Education and Skills Funding Funding Agency have an England-only remit, meaning that funding for qualifications undertaken in Wales and Northern Ireland are distributed directly to providers by Government rather than through a funding agency.


The Qualifications in Wales database (QiW) is  the main point of reference for all approved qualifications that are eligible for post-16 funding in Wales.

Main qualifications within learning programmes must be selected from those listed on the QiW database as eligible for funding and approved for delivery, and must relate to the learning area of the programme.​ 

Northern Ireland

Funding for qualifications and/or training in Northern Ireland is distributed by the Department for Education and Learning Northern Ireland (DELNI). DELNI offers various types of funding support for learners, employers and providers, with different eligibility criteria for each.

The Department allocates funding among the six regional further education colleges annually, who then subcontract to private training providers as and when required. The funding is primarily focused on widening access, increasing participation, addressing skills shortages, and innovation.