Apprenticeships and Traineeships

The UK Government’s Apprenticeship Levy came into effect in April 2017, putting the onus on employers to create the optimal apprenticeship scheme for their business. It applies to all employers in England whose payroll is over £3million annually.

For every pound the levy contributes to an employers’ digital wallet, the Government will top up the amount by 10%.

Employers have an allowance of £15k, but if they are a group of companies that are connected, they will only be able to use one £15k levy allowance. The levy rate is 0.5% of their payroll.

If a company's payroll is under £3million, then they will not be required to pay the levy.

More information about the Levy can be found here

The new funding system for apprenticeships came into effect May 2017.

Important information about the rules that will apply to all apprenticeships provision can be found here.



For traineeship information for 16-18 year olds in England, please see the ESFA Traineeship funding page.

For traineeship information for 19-24 year olds in England, please see the Adult Education Budget funding and performance management rules for the relevant year