Dental Nursing Solutions with CACHE

We are pleased to showcase our new and improved Dental Nurse offering. GDC approved and created by an expert team, which features registered dental nurses, we have packages for all types of learners and can provide the insight and experience needed for a career in dental nursing.

From apprenticeships to standalone qualifications, we have everything you and your learners need.

Our team has listened to valuable feedback and amended our offering to further support training providers and their learners. We now offer a clearer specification, a fast-track approval process and small, manageable units with no increase in learning hours.

Our apprenticeship is composed of our GDC approved qualification and is integrated with End-Point Assessment as well as a suite of resources from Skills Forward at no extra cost.

Our qualification encompasses the underpinning ethics, professionalism, teamwork and communication required to work as a Dental Nurse.

With integrated end-point assessment, we offer flexible and reliable solutions supported by sector expertise, guidance documents and proactive service and support.

Our Integrated Dental Nurse apprenticeships include a free package from Skills Forward, where learners and employers are supported every step of the way, with access to personalised learning resources and in-depth progression tracking and reporting.

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Our EPA team would love to showcase our new and improved Dental Nurse qualification to you on Wednesday 8 September.  

They’ll be breaking down the qualification, its units and assessments, and sharing more about the improvements we’ve made.

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Celebrating Our Students’ Successes

“My inspiration is to help ease as many patient’s anxieties over dentistry as possible. I like to pursue a holistic approach to dentistry and help anxious patients fulfil their dental needs.”

Our 2021 Aspiration Award Learning of the Year (Highly Commended) winner, Jodie Starling, is currently studying her Dental Nursing apprenticeship at Tempdent. Read more about Jodie and her achievements here.

“Getting a distinction was just the cherry on top. I feel like I’ve accomplished even more than I could have imagined and I’ve loved it!”

Mollie Cooke has recently successfully completed her end-point assessment with CACHE for the Dental Nurse apprenticeship standard. Read more about Mollie and her experience of the Dental Nursing qualification here:

Skills Forward

New this year, selected Skills Forward packages are free of charge for each apprentice registered to the Integrated Dental Nurse qualification

With diagnostic tools, personalised learning plans, innovative resources, interactive games, and summative assessments, Skills Work has been designed to support learners and their employers.

Skills Work

Our Skills Work test measures learners’ core employability skills, identifying strengths and weaknesses. After identifying the areas for further development, your apprentices will then receive a bespoke learning plan, featuring video tutorials, practice skills, interactive games and assessments.

You can track learner progress from the beginning to the end of their course, to support planning and impact measurement.

Skills Portfolio

Skills Portfolio is a bespoke e-portfolio, built to your learners’ specific apprenticeship. They’ll have access to a bank of preloaded work-based learning qualifications and apprenticeship standards.

The portfolio is customisable, meaning that digital forms that can be built and added, according to your requirements.

One Assessment

One Assessment is our revolutionary initial assessment which will assess your learner’s levels in both English and maths in around 30 minutes.

If your institution offers GCSE, One Assessment can be configured to provide a GCSE result or, if preferred, the assessment can evaluate the best route for the learner – Functional Skills or GCSE.

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Dental Nursing Summary

Find out more about how we can support your learners with our Dental Nurse offering.


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