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Welcome to our Careers Toolkit for providers. We’re excited to support you on your journey teaching the next generation of Education and Childcare practitioners.  

We hope you find these resources useful and can use this toolkit to inspire your learners.


Dawn learns about Skillzminer and talks employability with Kirsty and Dan

This week Dawn returns to her roots as an employability advisor and talks about careers and the future of work with Kirsty Mitchell and Daniel Bartley from Skillzminer - a revolutionary new tool to support people to identify their skills and create career pathways to employment. 

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Pod-CACHE discusses careers and employment in ‘the new normal’ with Tracy Walters from Careerwave

In this episode of Pod-CACHE Dawn catches up with Tracy Walters, an experienced careers advisor and Director of Careerwave.

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Supporting providers with T Levels

Find out everything you need to know about  T Levels.   

T Levels

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Getting learners ready for university and beyond

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Further listening 

We spoke to Adam Chapman, a Further Education Professional, about men in childcare, how people can improve their practice and the EYFS.

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Hear from Jake Forecast, a student teacher and Nursery Nurse, including men in childcare and the experience of being a student teacher.

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Find out about child development, parenting and coregulation from Dr Shawna Lee and Andrew Freeman.

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