Adult Education Budget (AEB)

What’s the Adult Education Budget (AEB)?

The AEB funds the delivery of education and training for learners aged 19­+. The funding can be accessed through local training providers or colleges.

The AEB aims to engage adults and provide the skills and learning needed to progress in work or equip them for an apprenticeship.

Employers can access AEB to improve or refresh the skills of their current workforce, and learners can utilise the AEB to gain new skills to prepare them for the workplace, improve progression opportunities or support a career change.

We know that you’re focused on getting successful outcomes for learners whilst making the most effective use of your budget. We offer a huge range of short and flexible qualifications in a variety of sector areas, all eligible for AEB funding at a range of Guided Learning Hours, with some only 80 hours or less.

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How can AEB be used?

Continuing Professional Development

A popular way of utilising AEB funding is by supporting staff’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Investing and upskilling staff is of huge benefit to your workforce but also your learners and customers. More and more providers are using these as ways to further advance relationships with adult learners and employers while fully utilising their AEB allocation.


Health and Social Care and Awareness

Our Health and Social Care and Health Awareness suites have a number of qualifications that are extremely useful to upskill in this growing sector. Our health qualifications are CACHE branded, meaning learners are gaining qualifications from the leading sector specialist.


Digital and Media Skills

Improving digital skills is a key government focus for both now and the future. The aim is for everyone to have basic digital skills to enable them to progress their lives and careers. We have some fantastic qualifications in this area to help enhance the increasingly important digital and media skills of learners.


Funding rules and learner eligibility

You can find the 2018-19 funding and performance management rules on the government website.