Work placements are “ship shape” for Learners at Truro College

A group of Learners from Truro College are currently attending a fantastic work placement, in a highly unusual setting...

Tutor Janet King explained, “ I was approached by the Falmouth Maritime Museum some time ago as they were trying to set up a play and learn session for parents and children from 0-3 years of age and were keen to get our input”. Naturally Janet was pleased to be involved in such an innovative project and went along to the museum to discuss it further and to meet the team. Arrangements were soon made, and now 6 students from the Level 3 Award/ Certificate/ Diploma course now attend a work placement every Friday at the museum.

“They’re involved in setting up activities- working closely with both parents and children and interacting with the multi disciplinary team at the museum,” says Janet. The creative contribution of the Learners has not gone unnoticed either. “The themes for the activities and experiences include Pirates, and under the sea - and these have all been developed with student input which is fantastic,” says Janet.

The Learners speak very enthusiastically of the experience too, particularly the strong focus on working with parents and children at the same time. Learner Sally told us “I thought it was a great atmosphere for working with children and adults - lots of fun” and fellow learner Ella said “I loved working with the children in a fun, lively and open environment.”

Janet credits the project with increasing the professional development of the Learners, as they are able to work together in a multi-discipline team and interact on a broader scale than they might do in a more traditional setting. Learner Tom agrees “I got much more experience of working with others”, he said. Janet and her students are clearly enjoying the experience and the benefits it brings to their learning. “The fact that the students are in an unusual setting helps them to see how childcare can be managed in the community and gives them an understanding of the different places that they can work with their Diploma. To sum up, I would say this project is very new and innovative, and we feel privileged to be involved - it’s an excellent opportunity!”