Staff and students at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) recommend CACHE qualifications as good preparation for university study

NTU is one of the most sustainable universities in the world and we have been awarded Green Flags for our Brackenhurst and Clifton Campuses. The university, which has approximately 27,000 students, offers great employment prospects to students, with 94% of graduates employed or engaged in further study six months within 6 months of leaving.

Helen Cazaly, Senior Lecturer in Education at NTU recently attended the annual CACHE conferences as a keynote speaker delivering a presentation on preparing learners for higher education. Helen’s presentation covered how beneficial CACHE qualifications had been to learners prior to attending NTU, based on a small scale study of students and staff within the Nottingham Institute of Education at NTU.

Lecturing staff at NTU, who took part in the study, commented that learners who had studied a CACHE qualification ‘were committed to their chosen career pathways and displayed a clear understanding of early years practices across a range of settings. This foundation of understanding and skillset enables these learners to quickly progress in their course when compared with many other learners who enter through different routes.’

It was added that ‘CACHE learners have strong practical skills and good initial reflective abilities which enable them to develop and improve their practice.’

A learner who had achieved a CACHE qualification commented: “I feel I gained plenty of practical experience and valuable information from the qualification which have helped me with my understanding at university.”

Other learners added that ‘the CACHE diploma provided good team working, good knowledge of working with children and child development, and the ability to link study with practical experience.’

100% of lecturers and 100% of students on BA (Hons) Childhood Studies, who participated in this research, would recommend the CACHE diploma as good preparation for university level study.

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