Selby College - Delivering CACHE Health and Social Care Qualifications

Tackling the issue of mental health awareness in the UK has become a growing concern, as each year an increasing percentage of the population are affected by poor mental health.

Recent data from the CIPD revealed that in the last 5 years alone the number of people reported to have experienced mental wellbeing problems at work increased from a quarter to over a third. As a result, one in every three work sickness notes handed out by GPs are now related to mental health. 


As more people become impacted, public awareness around the importance of good mental health and wellbeing has also increased. Various high-profile and successful campaigns, including the annual Mental Health Awareness Week, have helped to break down barriers previously preventing people from engaging in more open and honest dialogues on issues surrounding mental health.

The shifting landscape has seen mental health quickly rise up the government agenda placing it now firmly in the spotlight. In an effort to address the growing issue, in December 2017, the government launched its green paper on Children and Young People’s Mental Health and reiterated it would make mental health a priority in the NHS. 

With a welcome national recognition of the need to make dramatic improvements to the treatment and prevention of mental health, the focus must now turn to increasing the availability and quality of training in the area. Improved mental health outcomes can only be achieved by ensuring individuals have the necessary understanding and tools to identify and deal with the wellbeing problems of themselves and others.   

Supporting in the drive for better understanding of mental health, Selby College is successfully delivering qualifications from CACHE’s in depth Mental Health Awareness suite to a number of learners. The college, which currently offers CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Awareness of Mental Health Problems, has experienced rapidly growing demand from care providers for provision in the area, reflecting the step change in focus from the government and the wider public.

The college also reported increasing numbers of independent learners looking to progress into employment as a health and social care practitioner, as well as professionals outside of the sector looking for CPD to support their own careers. 

Through the qualification, Selby College tutors also support independent learners who care for friends or relatives living with mental health conditions by equipping them with the tools and understanding they need.

Julie Scott, Business Services Manager at the college, commented: “We provide the qualification through a blended learning approach which enables us to offer flexibility to learners, and tailor delivery to fit their needs and personal circumstances.  Our excellent results have been achieved thanks to the college’s dedicated tutors and by ensuring consistency of delivery for learners, irrespective of whether they take the qualification via online assessment or through the use of workbooks.”

“A learner who took the qualification with us last year recently got back in touch to let us know the fantastic news that she had just been accepted on a mental health nursing degree at the University of York. It’s rewarding to hear success stories like this which demonstrate the various different progression opportunities that we are able to support here at the college for learners currently working, or looking to work, in the field.”

“Learners love the qualification and we’re excited about expanding our offer next year by delivering the CACHE Level 3 Certificate in Understanding Mental Health. We hope this will help the college provide even greater opportunities for those who want to progress in the field and support individuals living with mental health problems.”

At CACHE we remain committed to supporting the sector meet the demand for high quality provision in mental health awareness and prevention. Find out more about our full portfolio of qualifications in mental health.