Learners at Hillview School for Girls using CACHE qualifications in Childcare and Health and Social Care

Hillview School for Girls is using qualifications from CACHE to help their learners to progress onto careers in the Childcare and Health and Social Care sectors.

Based in Kent, Hillsview School is an all-ability secondary comprehensive academy for girls and a mixed gender sixth form. They have delivered CACHE qualifications in Childcare and Health and Social Care for over 5 years.

Flexible qualifications which can be individualised

Marnie Lines, Curriculum Leader Childcare and Health and Social Care at Hillview School for Girls, said: “I would recommend the Level 2 and 3 qualifications, because of the flexibility and variety offered, as they fit in well with learners’ timetables. CACHE allows for a flexible learning journey and we’ve been able to individualise this for certain learners when necessary.

“The structure of the Level 3 Certificate in Childcare and Education allows learners to develop their knowledge and gain confidence through their coursework over two years, while preparing for the exam element. Assessment is facilitated in various different formats, which allows learners to demonstrate their learning in multiple ways, such as professional conversations and completing work experience. This helps them to build confidence and develop communication skills which are vital for roles in these sectors.

“Working with children as part of the work experience is one of the highlights of the learners’ week, and it’s great to see them flourish and gain confidence during their placements.”

“Progression for learners from the Level 3 qualification is varied, with many going on to study Education at university. Several learners go on to complete apprenticeships, or go straight into employment within the childcare sector.”

The next steps for learners

Nicole Gallivan-Mills, learner at Hillview School for Girls, commented: “I’ve enjoyed the hands on experience of working with children. My next steps are applying for a foundation degree to study Supporting Teaching and Learning, and searching for a Learning Assistant position at local primary schools.

“This qualification has inspired me to work towards my ultimate goal of becoming a primary school teacher.”

Another learner, Lois Dann, tells us about her plans for the future: “I’ve enjoyed the experience of getting to work with different ages of children, learning about their development and how they transition through various stages of their lives.

I’m applying for an apprenticeship to finish the Level 3 qualification and become a fully qualified Early Years Practitioner.”


Lucy Eaton describes the transferable knowledge she’s gained from studying the qualification: “I’ve enjoyed learning about the theories of child development and play which I’ve been able to apply in practical lessons and at work placement. The knowledge I’ve gained in the Level 3 Certificate has helped my understanding in my other subject, Psychology, as they link well together.

“I’m hoping to study Psychology at university and then progress to Educational Psychology, and my CACHE qualification has provided me with a good knowledge base for this.”

To find out more about CACHE qualifications, visit our QualHub website where you can download resources such as: