Jenny’s progression journey

Jenny admits that there has never been a single year that learning and professional development has not been at the forefront of her career journey. Having started with a GCSE in Child Development and some work experience in a primary school, Jenny went straight from school to college, where she completed her NNEB qualification.

Following on from her NNEB, Jenny also completed her CACHE Level 3 Certificate of Professional Development in Working with Children and Young People, and the CACHE Advanced Diploma in Child Care and Education, and says each of these have supported her holistic approach to working with children.

Jenny now works as a child health lecturer at Middlesex University, teaching on children’s nursing, health and education, as well as special educational needs and animal assisted therapies.

She says that continued learning has given her “the ability to pass on a full, holistic perspective on child development to a new generation of learners, from health, growth and wellbeing to education and development.”

Jenny also says being able to combine her learning with research has meant she is able to draw together a variety of theoretical perspectives, policies and guidelines – all of which she can combine to ensure the best possible outcomes for children and their families. In particular, she says the methods of child observation that she has learned have helped her teaching, nursing and her volunteer work with children and young people.

Jenny’s CACHE qualifications have provided the foundation for a career which continues to develop and lead her on to new and exciting things. As well as work and volunteering, Jenny hopes to one day complete her PhD, and says her existing knowledge has also helped in this area of her life – allowing her to align current provision and areas of need in terms of research

 “With the qualifications and CPD that I have, I can confidently use and apply concepts that I’ve learned to my everyday practice, and be confident in my own decisions”

As well as academic work, Jenny says she takes opportunities as they come, and is always open to a new challenge  - though she hopes to always continue doing what she loves, working with learners, children and young people and families.

Jenny says she would recommend CACHE qualifications for anyone wanting to work in childcare or education:

“CACHE really is the recognised body within this field and CACHE qualifications have a great standing within the sector. These qualifications will allow you to develop the skills and knowledge required to become an effective practitioner”.