End-point assessment success for Wiltshire College

Carla Maguire, a Teaching Assistant apprentice at Wiltshire College, achieved end-point assessment (EPA) success despite alterations to her assessment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

NCFE’s EPA Plus has proactively worked with regulators to enable flexibilities and provide alternative solutions to in-person assessments, if they can’t go ahead due to the pandemic. These flexibilities allowed EPA Plus to respond quickly to the changing situation presented by Covid-19 and meet the needs of providers, employers and apprentices

Sharon Hanney, Assessor at Wiltshire College, commented: “We’re so pleased with the outcome of Carla’s EPA. Carla was in Gateway as we were heading for lockdown, which was a concern for all of us. She rose to the challenge and completed her portfolio within 6 weeks, instead of 3 months, meaning that her portfolio could be presented before the college and school closed. Carla had completed all the training tasks that I had set throughout the apprenticeship, so she had lots of evidence to draw on and was able to produce a detailed portfolio.

“We had to wait to hear how the observation element could be carried out. As soon as I heard that Carla could submit a reflective account instead, I informed her and within two weeks this was submitted. It’s great that she was able to complete her apprenticeship despite the pandemic.

“The end-point assessor from EPA Plus was very helpful throughout and kept us up to date with any changes.”

Carla said: “I’m truly overjoyed that I’ve completed my end-point assessment. What a journey it has been! I’m so proud to be able to take all I’ve learned forward in my role. I’ve got a new love for learning and appreciate the feedback from EPA Plus and Wiltshire College.”

Embracing end-point assessment

Sharon told us about how they’ve embraced the new apprenticeships and EPA: “As an experienced Assessor of over 10 years completing Teaching Assistance apprenticeships, I was excited about the new apprenticeship standards. As there is no stand-alone qualification involved, I felt that it was really important to prepare the apprentice as much as possible for their EPA. We do this by setting assignments and training tasks so that apprentices gain knowledge which will help them during the professional discussion. We also arrange regular observations to try to prepare the learner for their observation as part of the end-point assessment.  

“We would highly recommend EPA Plus to other centres. We’ve received lots of support from them and training on EPA. The EPA specification and guidance is clear and easy to follow. Great guidance was provided on writing of the reflective account instead of the observation.”

Susan Goldstein, Head of Client Relationships at EPA Plus said “The support provided by Wiltshire College and the positive and professional approach that Carla brought with her to her end - point assessment have been key in making this experience a success. Apprenticeships will play a vital part in our recovery from Covid-19 and EPA Plus is well prepared to continue their contribution to this.”

EPA Plus offers both NCFE and CACHE standards across a variety of a sector and subject areas, which is supported by sector expertise, guidance documents and proactive service. Visit our end-point assessment webpages to find out more: https://www.cache.org.uk/end-point-assessment