End-point assessment success for frontline healthcare worker

Iona Henderson, from the Emergency Assessment Unit in South Tyneside Foundation Trust, has successfully completed the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) assessment, the first part of her end-point assessment (EPA), with EPA Plus for the Level 2 Healthcare Support Worker apprenticeship standard. This is a fantastic achievement for Iona, who has been working extremely hard in the healthcare sector during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, and she is one of the first to complete the MCQ assessment through a digital proctoring process.

Digital solutions for remote assessments

EPA Plus has proactively worked with regulators to enable flexibilities and expanded their digital solutions so that all assessments can now take place remotely. This allowed them to respond quickly to the changing situation presented by Covid-19-19 and meet the needs of providers, employers and apprentices, with proctoring successfully implemented straight away.

Jonathan Kosyl, Programme Leader (Apprenticeships - Health) at Sunderland College, said: “We’ve been delivering the new apprenticeship standards for a couple of years now, and we’re really comfortable with the delivery. We spent a long time preparing for the standards before they were ready for delivery, so when they came out we were ready to run with them. We’ve also worked closely with the employers of our apprentices to establish a robust delivery model.

“At Sunderland College, we were one of the first to be delivering the Healthcare Support Worker and Senior Healthcare Support Worker standards and we’ve had great success so far with all apprentices passing their assessments. We’re really proud of Iona’s success with the first part of her EPA; she has developed well throughout her apprenticeship and she is very well thought of on her ward within the South Tyneside Foundation Trust. It’s great that Iona has still been able to progress and complete the first part of her end-point assessment using digital solutions.”

From an apprentice’s perspective

Iona commented: “The global pandemic resulted in me not being able to take my end-point assessment MCQ exam in the usual way, however it was great to be able to complete it virtually. Instead of having an exam invigilator present with me, I used the new proctoring system.

“Initially I felt a little nervous as I had never come across anything like this before, but I was given full guidance and information on how to set up the software prior to the date of my assessment. When I arrived at the learning and development centre, I logged on to my designated computer and opened the link to the software that I had been sent. I had to download the Proctor software app onto my mobile phone and confirm my identity by having my photograph taken and taking a photograph of my ID badge. Then I had to show the camera to every corner of the room to confirm there was nothing that would make my assessment at risk or unfair.

“Before the MCQ assessment started I put my mobile phone in a place that had a full view of me launching the exam on the computer, which was also screen recording everything I was doing to make it fair. As soon as the assessment started I felt at ease and it was a nice environment in which to be doing it. I didn’t feel nervous or under pressure at all and it was good to have no possible distractions. I’m very pleased with my end result and proud of myself as I received a ‘Merit’ in the assessment.

“All of the guidance from my college and EPA Plus helped me towards the final result that I was hoping for.”

Working with EPA Plus

Jonathan commented on how they have found working with EPA Plus: “We’ve found EPA Plus great to work with. The platform they use is very easy to navigate, once you have been through the process of submitting an apprentice for Gateway once, you know how to do it next time. The results of EPA assessments are easy to locate and the support materials have always been clear and detailed. We found the guides for the EPA observation and interview/portfolios particularly useful when preparing the apprentices for assessments. EPA Plus is very customer focused, we always receive a high standard of service and there’s always someone available to talk to regarding any queries.”

“We highly recommend EPA Plus as an end-point assessment organisation to other providers delivering apprenticeships.”

Susan Goldstein, Head of Client Relations at EPA Plus, commented: “It’s great that Iona has still been able to progress with her apprenticeship during this difficult time, using digital solutions which enabled her MCQ assessment to take place remotely. We’ve supported Iona through the process, ensuring she was fully prepared for the assessment and able to stay on track despite the Covid-19 crisis.”

Visit our end-point assessment webpages to find out more: https://www.cache.org.uk/end-point-assessment