“Choosing CACHE was the best decision we made”

Clare Scott, Health & Social Care and Early Years Subject Lead at Queen Katherine Academy, shares her success delivering CACHE qualifications.

Clare commented: “The delivery of CACHE qualifications has been enjoyable for staff and learners alike, the breadth of the ways to meet assessment criteria is empowering to learners, enabling many learning styles to achieve at all levels. The benefits to our learners have been amazing, with 80% of last year’s cohort going on to their first choice degree courses, including paediatric nursing, midwifery and mental health nursing.”

Sam Ferraday studied the CACHE Level 3 Technical Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care and is now a student nurse at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Sam said: “The CACHE qualification has allowed me to pursue my future goal. The wide range of units helped expand my knowledge of the sector, and provided me with a great amount of background knowledge for my BSc Children’s Nursing course. With both exams and coursework, it has allowed me to understand and get in the mind-set for the next stage of my education within university.

“I would highly recommend CACHE qualifications to any student looking to become a nurse, it will be hugely beneficial to them and their time throughout university.”

Sam’s father Kevin added: “CACHE helps prepare learners for future roles within Health and Social Care. I couldn’t be happier to see Sam at university doing what she loves and working in Great Ormond Street Hospital. It is a great qualification which helps kick start future careers in health, allowing learners to fulfil their dream jobs.”

The academy chose to change from a similar qualification last year, Clare commented: “Choosing CACHE was the best decision we made, the transition was painless, guidance is easy to access and help is on hand when needed. We have been fully supported with delivering the course content and relevant paperwork is not imposing and far less time consuming. Our EQA has been an amazing source of information, advice and support.”

Clare added: “I would definitely recommend CACHE qualifications to everyone; our results and the hard work of the teachers and learners alike show what’s possible. The course content is broad and the optional units allow you to tailor the qualifications to learner interest and ability. Teachers love teaching the qualification which means learners get a much better learning experience.”

Find out more about CACHE Health and Social Care qualifications at qualhub.co.uk

Sam Ferraday student nurse at Great Ormond Street.