Are you an expectant parent?

PregnancyVue:  Watch hands grow little fingers 

Do you ever wish you could take a peek inside and see your baby’s development?

PregnancyVue virtual reality (VR) app allows you to see and experience pregnancy from a completely new perspective… inside the womb itself.

From conception through to birth

You are guided through each month and stage of your pregnancy using 3D visuals, and an optional audio explains the growth and changes your child is experiencing.

By switching between the internal and external view of the body, you are given a more complete picture of your pregnancy than ever before.

For Oculus Go

The VR app uses an Oculus Go headset* to allow you to see what is happening inside the womb.

The app is free to download and use directly from the Oculus store or the Oculus app on your mobile or desktop.

For Android and Apple

We have also made sure that PregnancyVUE is accessible to those who don’t have an Oculus Go headset.

If you want to download a free mobile version of the app that has been designed to support the VR experience you can download these from either the Android or Apple Store.


*Oculus headsets are available to buy separately. You can find out where on the Oculus website, here.

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