Endorsed Learning Programmes

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What is an Endorsed Learning Programme?

Not all existing qualifications fit the needs of your organisation, which is why we offer Endorsed Learning Programmes – our recognition of your own courses and training programmes.
We provide the option to recognise the quality of training programmes that you deliver either in-house or externally.

A quality standard

Our Endorsed Learning Programmes are a benchmark for high quality, bespoke care, health or education training, and often mark the start of the pathway to a full qualification. The recognition they provide helps your training stand out from the rest, and brings prestige to employers and learners alike. 
Our Endorsed Learning Programme is not a regulated qualification with a level or credits, however your organisation owns the training programme and it remains unique to your organisation.
Annual quality assurance carried out by us is also a feature of the programme and ensures it meets our standards. 



Why endorse your learning programmes with us?

Our recognition adds value to your new or established training programmes.
It provides:
  • Recognition of your own training and development programmes
  • The chance to showcase the calibre of staff development within your organisation
  • Complete flexibility in design and delivery – including the assessment methods
  • Endorsed certificate for all participants

    How does it work?

    We endorse and monitor the overall quality of the programme, leaving you complete freedom to tailor the length, content, delivery and assessment methods to meet your exact business needs. 

    Celebrating success

    On successful achievement of the course, all participants on our Endorsed Learning Programmes receive a certificate from us, recognising and celebrating their learning and achievement and continuing professional development.

    Applying for your Endorsed Learning Programme

    To apply for Endorsed Learning Programme please download the relevant document below:​


    Stipulations for Advertising and Promoting Non-Regulated Courses