What apprenticeships do you offer?
Full information on CACHE Apprenticeships is available in our dedicated
Apprenticeship section
on the website, along with supporting information on Apprenticeships and Functional Skills on cachezone.
Are Functional Skills relevant to Wales?
No. Functional Skills do not apply in Wales - Essential Skills are the Welsh
version. SQA/CACHE does not offer Essential Skills.
Can I offer Functional Skills as a
stand-alone qualification via SQA?
Yes you can offer Functional Skills as a stand-alone qualification via SQA. 
How do Centres get set up for SQA's online system, to register tests etc?
SQA's e-assessment system is called SOLAR. As part of the approval
process for Functional Skills, Centres will be sent a login direct from SQA
to get access to SOLAR. Further information is available in the
What are the LARA codes for SQA Functional Skills (QRN number)? Full information is available here
What is the accreditation end date for the Functional Skills qualification? 
There is currently no accreditation end date for any of the Functional
Skills qualifications. This date will only be set if a qualification needs
to be withdrawn.
How does my Centre register for
Functional Skills and how long
after registration will learners
appear on the SQA SOLAR system?
Centres registering on the Apprenticeship will receive an automatic
confirmation of registration which states: 'Where learners have been
registered for Functional Skills, please allow a few days before viewing
your learner details on the SQA Solar system'.
Where can I find information relating to the delivery of Functional Skills?​
Please refer to the Functional Skills Handbook, which is also
available on cachezone. Further support materials are available
on cachezone.​
Will SQA be offering on demand testing?
Yes. From May 2013, Maths and English will be available on
demand and ICT will be available every other month on demand. 
Why has SQA changed to month-long assessment windows?
Our month-long assessment windows will allow you to schedule 
candidates over a wider range of time, giving you more flexibility 
in your scheduling. 
Is there a change to when the
assessment windows open and close?
No. The assessment windows will still open at 00:01 on the first 
date and close at 23:59 on the last date. Please refer to the 
assessment schedule for notification of these dates. 
Is there a change to when I schedule candidates for assessment?
No, you should still schedule candidates no later than 5 working
days before the start of the assessment window. 
When can candidates resit?
Although candidates can technically be entered into the next 
available date to re-sit, we would advise you to ensure that candidates 
receive the further training/guidance they need to make sure they are
ready to re-sit the assessment. Please refer to the section on preparing 
candidates for assessment on our website. 
When will support be available?
Technical support will continue to be available via the SOLAR helpdesk
between 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, except public holidays. 
Can a computer reader or a reader assist candidates?
A computer reader or a reader will only be allowed where a candidate 
has a substantial impairment, which affects his/her reading and reflects
his/her normal way of working within the centre. 
How do I submit results for internally assessed components?
Centres will use SOLAR to submit results for internally assessed
components. Centres will be asked to confirm that candidates have
successfully completed the internally assessed unit.
Please see the CACHE/SQA Functional Skills Handbook for further information.
Will SQA be offering test papers in Welsh?
No. Functional Skills do not apply in Wales - Essential Skills are
the Welsh version. SQA does not offer Essential Skills
What is the SQA process for Appeals?​
For full information on the SQA Appeals process, please see
the Functional Skills Handbook, where this is covered.
What qualifications will be equivalent to Functional Skills so that my learners do not need to take Functional Skills?​
Alternatives to Functional Skills are listed in the Transferable Skills
section of the relevant Apprenticeship Framework document. The relevant Apprenticeship Framework documents​ are located on www.afo.sscalliance.org/frameworkslibrary/.
What is the turnaround time for issuing results?
Results for external assessments will be available to Centres on
SQA Connect within four weeks of the assessment window closing.
Do learners have until the certification end date of the qualification in order to
complete like other CACHE qualifications, or does SQA have their own cut off date?
Learners will have until the accreditation end date (also referred to
as the finish date) to complete the qualification. There is no time
frame from the point of registration in which the candidate is required to
complete and claim their certificates, as long as it is prior to the end date.
When will Centres receive certificates?
SQA Functional Skills qualifications are certificated four weeks after the
closure of the assessment window. For Functional Skills in English, the 
certificate will be issued once the candidate has acheived a pass for all three components. 
How will I receive my certificates?
If a Centre claims certificates in cohort, you will receive one package 
containing the certificates, addressed to your Centre. If a Centre claims individual certificates, you will receive individual packets addressed to the learner, at your Centre's address. 
Where will my certificates be sent to?
Your certificate will be sent to the delivery address specified in the 'My Centre' area of cachezone, which you can update as and when necessary.