Reminder - Important update regarding External Quality Assurance visits

Date: 11 May, 2017

Changes to the External Quality Assurance process for regulated and un-regulated provision from 30th May 2017.


We recently communicated with you about the important changes we are making to the CACHE and NCFE portfolio of qualifications.  As part of ongoing reviews, we are repositioning some our qualifications to either the NCFE or CACHE brand, and these changes will take place from 1st September 2017. These changes will ensure the NCFE and CACHE portfolios are focused and streamlined, while offering the same breadth of choice.


Along with these changes we are also streamlining our External Quality Assurance process and Direct Claim Status (DCS) criteria, to further align NCFE and CACHE’s procedures and enable one way of working across both brands.


What does this mean for you?


From 30th May we will be introducing a new External Quality Assurance visit report and improved DCS criteria.


This new report is the current NCFE External Quality Assurance visit report, so if you currently offer NCFE products, this report will already be very familiar to you.


If you do not currently offer NCFE products, the report contains the same criteria as the approval visit report and approval criteria, which we introduced on 3rd January 2017.


You can view the content of the new visit report here.


What else do you need to know?


As well as the changes to the visit report we are also making changes to the DCS criteria to bring this in line with NCFE.


What are the new DCS criteria?


The new criteria we are implementing are the current NCFE DCS criteria which are based on the grading within the visit report. Therefore, if you currently offer NCFE products, you will also already be familiar with the new DCS criteria and how to gain and maintain DCS.


If you do not currently offer NCFE products, you can access the new DCS criteria on our website.


If you have any queries regarding the information provided, please contact your External Quality Assurer or our Customer Support team.​