What is CACHE?


CACHE designs courses and qualifications in the care and education of children and young people. We are the UK’s only specialist Awarding Organisation to do this. Our courses range from entry level to advanced qualifications for sector professionals. You can take them in schools, colleges and training centres throughout the UK.


CACHE is a Registered Charity


CACHE is a registered charity and is supported by the major agencies in the children’s services sector. We regularly lobby the Government and other agencies to raise the quality and professionalism of child care throughout the UK and beyond.


Our Mission Statement

To nurture the achievement of those who care for children and adults through the provision of outstanding qualifications and services.


Our History


When the Second World War ended in 1945, many women who had worked during the war stayed on in their jobs. The Government recognised that professional child care was a priority, and the National Nursery Examination Board (NNEB) was founded.
In 1994, the NNEB merged with the Council for Early Years Awards, and CACHE was formed. In 2001, the National Association for Maternal and Child Welfare (NAMCW) merged with CACHE, and Her Majesty the Queen became our patron.


CACHE is an Awarding Organisation

CACHE is an internationally recognised, specialist Awarding Organisation in the fields of Early Years, Care and Education, and Playwork. An Awarding Organisation is officially recognised and designated by the regulatory authorities to award qualifications in particular subject areas.
We do not offer training, funding or financial awards. As with other Awarding Organisations, we are responsible for:
    • Developing the curriculum for Vocationally Related Qualifications (VRQs). We share this duty with the regulatory authorities that set standards for these qualifications
    • Implementing National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs)
    • Ensuring that candidates are assessed fairly and consistently
    • Assuring the quality of the qualifications awarded in our name
    • Approving and monitoring the performance and quality standards of the schools, colleges and training centres that provide training and assessment of CACHE qualifications